Album Review: Crashing into things – To Consume, and To Be Consumed

In a world of music that tends to insult our intelligence it’s refreshing to hear a band that actually challenges us intellectually. Crashing Into Things prove to be highly creative in pushing genre boundaries musically, while at the same delivering insightful and thought-provoking lyrics.

The Victoria, BC band combines elements of both New York post-punk and British art rock in their high-brow, anti-commercial approach. The twin guitars of Adrian Southward and Kalev Mihkel Kaup alternatively battle and complement each other, but they are never doing the same thing. In the meantime, Mike Isacson’s bass tends to dominate, creating intriguing platforms with his unconventional rhythms.

At the centre of everything, however, is Isacson’s distinctive quavering voice that commands attention. And our attention is rewarded with biting poetic lyrics that take aim primarily at corporate-driven consumerism.




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