Track: New York Indie Rockers Glitter Etiquette Share Intense New Single ‘A Portrait of Arachne’

Riding on the wave of post-punk-indie resurgence alongside bands such as Black Country New Road and Squid, Glitter Etiquette’s blend of ferocious expression and poetic spoken word lead vocals offers another fine addition to the rising genre.

The new single ‘A Portrait of Arachne’ is built around a wall of messy, overlapping, distortion and reverb drenched guitar lines atop a grounding bass-line and driving drums. The boxy spoken word vocals glide above the music with an effortless sense of charisma and moody expression, giving the track its direction and edge. Packed with energy and capturing a sense of restless discontent, the track displays an ability to create intriguing, intense soundscapes with a relentlessness but also an emotive depth.

Speaking about the release, they share: “We originally had the music from an old song I had from a previous band and Arie started reworking it and wrote new lyrics and vocal melodies, I also made some arrangement changes and we really liked how it turned out in the demos so we decided to go ahead and record it properly at 6/8 Studios in lower east side with Barnes as engineer. We are really happy with the result and can’t wait to share it!” 

Listen below:

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