Track: New Zealand’s Nik Brinkman’s new single ‘Sugarland’ is a delicious shimmering wonder.

With a theme running to the sweeter side, New Zealand’s Nik Brinkman follows up ‘Candy’, premiered by us back in June with another languid, hazy delight, ‘Sugarland’.

The crystalline guitars form a crisp, crunchy background to the dreamy haze of the song with its recurring riffs and floaty atmosphere. Brinkman’s magical vocals are evocative and distant: the melody indelible and the air psychedelic and hypnotic. This is a gorgeous piece of ethereal dream pop:

Out through US label  Declared Goods , ‘Sugarland can be streamed/downloaded here.

Brinkman has just completed his first solo album ‘Secret Stairs’ for release later this year. This single and album were written between Wellington and Stockholm with longtime friend and collaborator, Emanuel Lundgren (Loney Dear / I’m From Barcelona). During COVID lockdown, Brinkman would send Lundgren voice memo sketches for the songs at the end of the day and Lundgren would send back notes or suggestions by the time Brinkman woke up.

I can’t wait to hear this.

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