Track: Melbourne’s Dull Reality’s imagination sparkles with the atmospheric single ‘Push Myself Away’.

Dull Reality – the work of Melbourne musician Ben Shields – follows up his single ‘Daffodil (reviewed by me here) with the new track ‘Push Myself Away’ – another sparkling, textural, multi-layered track.

With a motorik syncopated beat and a synth wash, a hypnotic jingling in the far distance, this is a transfixing delight – an ominous synth bass patters softly in the background while Shields’s voice has a distant, chilling aura. Dull Reality is far as is possible from its name: this is something that is fascinating and exciting that sends you into an imaginary world of ice and fire:

The track is off Dull Reality’s freshly announced EP, ‘Daffodil’, due out on 26 August 2021. You can get the single and pre-order the track through the link below.

Feature Photograph: Emily Shields

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