Track: The legendary John Power (The Las, Cast) releases the beautiful and atmospheric one off single ‘Grounded Truth’ through Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby label

John Power has achieved an iconic position in the indie music scene through his role in the legendary The La’s and the fantastic follow up Cast as well as his solo work. Encouraged to return to the famous Abbey Road Recording Studio, Power has released a beautiful and atmospheric single ‘Grounded Truth’. There is just a delicate acoustic guitar and a hint of piano on the spacious track: showcasing Power’s songwriting skills, sense for melody and his recognisable vocals that mix a grain of grit with a dollop of sensitivity and just a hint of Merseyside on top.

Power says the track is about:

…looking  within  yourself  to  find  universal  truths  as  an antidote to all the noise we are subject  to  in  our  daily  lives  right  now. Enjoyment,  thrills  and  experience  are all very much a part of growing up. You want it and  you  are  hungry  for  it  and  you  put  yourself  in  a  line  of  fire  for  it….To  my  younger self I’d say I probably should have taken my foot off the pedal a bit. It’s funny how life passes by whilst you’re living it.

There is a wistful and wry air to the song that captures this sense of reflective poignancy:

Out through Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby label, you can download/stream the single here and watch a short film about the making of the single as part of a commercial campaign for adidas Spezial collection here.

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