Live Review: Æ MAK / Fears – Whelan’s, Dublin 27.04.2023

Photos & Words Kate Lawlor:

Opening the show with her celestial ballads, Constance Keane otherwise known as ‘Fears,’ set the tone for the dreamy night ahead. Performing songs from her debut album ‘Oíche, she shared with us beautiful and vulnerable lyrics which predominantly lamented her personal struggles with mental health, clearly touching the hearts of the audience members as she discussed her struggles between songs. Finishing up with ‘16,’ one of her newer 2022 tracks, the set ended on a note of hope. 

Fears photos:

After a short wait, bounding on to the stage after a thundering instrumental intro, London-based musician Æ MAK immediately set the room alight with her magnetic energy. Her tranquil vocals soared out across the room, spurring on the lively crowd as she burst into the opening song of her set. 

With the help of the dreamy set design and ceaseless flashing lights, the audience seemed wholly captivated by the performance at hand – setting themselves free almost immediately with flowing and loose dance moves to match the pace and sound of songs such as ‘Baked Cheesecake’ and ‘Shimmer Boy’ from Mak’s ethereal ‘Berlin mixtape’, released last month.

Æ MAK’s energy and vibrancy never faltered throughout her performance. Throughout Her dynamic renditions of fan favourites ‘I dance in the kitchen’ and ‘Shimmer boy,’ the audience were positively singing along with every word. 

The energy in the room remained uninterrupted until the bitter end. When Æ MAK began her last track of the evening ‘New Friend,’ it seemed to only spur the energetic crowd on further for one last song and dance and they certainly gave it their all. Undoubtedly, the show left fans satisfied and in high spirits.

Æ MAK photos:

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