Track: Unloved – Why Not

If you’ve been watching the latest series of Killing Eve, then you’ll already have heard the new single from Unloved, available now via the ever brilliant Heavenly Records, as its was in the first episode. The band, Jade Vincent alongside Soundtrack artist Keefus Ciancia and DJ/producer David Holmes, have a new album in the works with details to follow.

“Something about this killer music filled me with a strange kind of defiance,” Unloved vocalist Jade Vincent says of the lyrics. “Suddenly I’m boldly retelling this lovelorn experience that really confused me to my core and changed me for the better. It’s an angsty cry of WHY! and a prideful response WHY NOT?! Or it could be the other way around. I still can’t tell because it felt so good, even with a hole in my heart.”

Why Not is this atmospheric indie psych tune, where choruses and voices bleed into each other, and these dark synths and sparkly electronics rub delightfully, creating something that has you reaching for repeat.

Check it out, here

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