Blu-Ray Review: Russian Raid

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Russia is unquestionably a highly complex country full of contradictions and battles between tradition and progression. One of the greatest upheavals of the last few decades was the conversion from communism to capitalism. It’s a transition which has been choppy, to say the least. Resulting in a number of extremely rich oligarchs left to get on with it as long as they steer clear of politics. However, corruption is rife at every level of society. As it is in Russian Raid.

Nikita (Ivan Kotik), a former Russian special forces commander, is hired to lead a team of mercenaries and thugs. Their mission is to neutralise a large security force at a local factory so his boss can pressurise the owners into selling. Although this plan might well really be Nikita’s idea, he doesn’t like the motley crew that has been assembled. The group get a shock when they discover that it’s actually owned by a dangerous warlord.

Russian Raid has a fun premise and does pretty much what you’d expect. However, while Denis Kryuchkov’s actioner might be inspired by Gareth Evans’ Raid films, it doesn’t really have the same tension, plot or excitement. Indeed, it doesn’t really even live up to the impressive trailer. The fight choreography is limp and poorly shot. It’s not until the bullets start flying does it begin to pick up a bit. It’s a shame really, as Russian Raid could have been a lot of fun.

Russian Raid is released on Blu-Ray by Eureka Entertainment on 22 March.

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