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The Breakdown

Fudge manage to capture the chaotic magic of their live show with their new EP

Leeds rockers Fudge are set for a great year ahead with the release of The Town Hall Session EP. Featuring three previously released singles and two additional tracks ‘Jekyll And Hide’ and ‘Pepsinoggins’ the EP is seen as a mark in the road for Fudge as they move onto bigger gigs, bigger songs and an end to the nightmare that has been the last two years. Read our interview with the band here

From the very start Fudge make you listen with the jangly picked guitar on the intro for first track ‘Jekyll And Hide’ before the true Fudge drop with a swaggering surety from the vocals to the thumping drums. The track morphs into a huge rhythmic rocker with a great pounding riff. Singer Cam comments “Jekyll & Hide was written about drinks being spiked by dick head little low lives in clubs, pubs, and bars. Whatever sick satisfaction there is to be gained, potentially ruining a person’s life by taking advantage of them or leaving them vulnerable, makes my blood boil.”

Opening with a quickly spoken promise ‘Money To Be Made’ carries on with the quick vocals over some maths rock style riffing from guitarist Otto who dominates the track with his fancy fingerwork. The guys can’t half right an energetic infectious track.

The bangers don’t stop with the next track ‘Y.F.F.G (Your Fall From Grace)’ which gives Angus a good workout as he sets about destroying his drum kit. It’s also a great demonstration of how tight the band are and the interplay between the guitars and drums when Cam steps away from the mic is spot on.

A live favourite as guitarist Otto explains “I’ve heard that this is a fan favourite at gigs because it’s just three and half minutes of being continuously punched in the head, and I’m not talking mosh pits.” ‘Pepsinoggins’ is the band’s term for someone who gets a bit too intoxicated on nights out.

Ending the EP with ‘9:10’ sees the band end on a high with a monster of a track that doesn’t let up throughout its three and a half minutes. Cam delivers a varied and brilliant vocal performance practically screaming the vocals at the crowd at times or delivering rap style vocals in the magnificent northern accent.

Fudge are just a little bit different with their carefully crafted riffs and vocal work, and utterly brilliant as a live band. With the EP they have managed to capture their energetic, almost manic live set. There’s a confidence in the playing which is backed up by the brilliant songwriting and musicianship. The band are tight

Check out the band’s track Y.F.F.G (Your Fall From Grace), below:

Find out more via the band’s Facebook

The band are also on mini tour. check out the dates below:


Sat 28 NEWCASTLE Little Buildings


Mon 06 NOTTINGHAM Bodega

Thu 09 MANCHESTER 33 Oldham Street

Thu 16 LONDON Off The Cuff

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