Album Review: St. Ove – County Show

St Ove hail from Aylesbury and the surrounding villages, Wendover and Quainton in England and yet a gentle, jangling air of Athens , Georgia can be detected in their sound. ‘County Show’ is an evocative album – gentle, evenly paced and full of a yearning sense of aching joy.

There is a bucolic air of wistful contemplation throughout the album, matched by soaring melodies and evocative instrumentation. A gorgeous interplay of jangling and arpeggiated guitars wrap around the evocative vocals. This is indeed a majestic album that soothes and mesmerises.

Single ‘See You Later’ perfectly reflects this vibe – a hint of REM at their earliest and most majestic phase:

This is a gorgeous track with its tinkling guitars and and a heartfelt sense of yearning.

‘County Show’ is available to preorder through the link below and, to add to an international flavour, is released through Australia’s home of cool music, Half a Cow Records. It is out in November.

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