EP Review: Bristol Indie-Pop Duo Muffintops Shine On New EP ‘Runaway’

The Breakdown

A charming collection of tracks, Muffintops' debut defines them as a duo with limitless potential. It's unpolished and gritty which is to its benefit, it sounds fresh and exciting.

Originating from mountains of the French Alps, no based in the cityscapes of Bristol, Muffintops share their exhilarating debut EP ‘Runaway’. A sparking collection of tracks blending shimmering indie guitars, boxy beats and melancholy tinted, gentle lead vocals, the pair showcase a fascinating potential.

From the EP opener, ‘Edelweiss’ a simplistic soundscape built around a 808 kick and snare, chorus soaked guitar lines and a driving bass line, Muffintops first introduce their understated indie sound and dual vocals with an quirky80s charm.

‘Night Lovers’ continues with this understated simplistic approach, this time leaning on live drums and a boxy soundscape of strummed guitars and a fuzzy toppling under the deceptively catchy lead vocal line, which intertwines with layers of wide panned harmonies in it’s chorus.

Elsewhere, the EP’s title track and standout ‘Runaway’ see’s the band lean on the messier side of the sound, a driving sound which matches the EP’s understated, loose production style. Embellishing the guitar, bass, drums, vocals foam of the previous tracks with strings and swelling synth lines, ‘Runaway’ manages to capture the freeing energy of White Stripes whilst also displaying a musical depth comparable to Black Country New Road. The intertwining layers of varying instrumentation and melodies create a mystical aura around the loose punky energy of the tracks core before the track gradually melts and detunes itself towards the end. It’s a fascinating release with hidden depths and by a country mile the most musically complex moment across the 5-tracks.

Closing on the explosive, quirky ‘Not A Girl’ the EP close out the EP with an exhilarating climax befitting of their punk attitude.

Speaking about the EP, the duo says: “Runaway is our first release, and we’ve put so much of ourselves into it. Almost everything was done between the two of us, in our studio at home. We started writing the songs during lockdown and have been working on them until now. Runaway reflects the process of what we had to get through to be where we are today. It’s about letting things go and looking at life from a new perspective. It feels so special to be able to share them with people. It’s a reflection of who we’ve been these last two years. We’ve learned so much about ourselves during the creation of this EP, we hope you’ll be able to get a picture of who we are by listening to it.

A charming and intriguing collection of tracks, Muffintops’ debut defines them as a duo with limitless potential. It’s unpolished and gritty which is to its benefit, it sounds fresh and edgy. An exciting first taste of a duo surely set to go from strength to strength.

Listen below:

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