EP Review: Dominik Krammer: The Fields As She Left Me

The Breakdown

...Four cuts of solid beats with wonderfuly melodic layers...

Dominik Krammer’s EP, “The Fields As She Left Me,” stands testament to his unique style and profound grasp of electronic music and each track within this collection serves as a portal to the human experience. In this musical journey, Dominik Krammer takes the listener on a relentless ride through the depths of longing and the ecstasy of fulfillment. The EP’s four tracks, though diverse in their individual flavors, are interwoven by an undeniable red thread—an overarching conceptual foundation consisting of the complex realm of human emotion, ranging from heart-pounding energy and bittersweet melancholy to raw passion and intense rage.

The EP kicks off with its main track, “The Fields As She Left Me,” a sonic journey initiated by ecstatic synths and heavy drumworks that set the pace for what follows. The driving arp and caressing lead of “Nocturnal Desires” embody the ambiguity of being lost and simultaneously feeling at home in the night. “Ketaigel” follows suit, featuring a memorable melody that etches itself into your memory, guiding you through a sinister journey of joy and fulfillment. The remix by David Heine for “Ketaigel” introduces a different sonic sphere compared to the rest of the EP, yet excels in capturing and releasing the fundamental emotional world that defines this musical exploration.

Dominik Krammer – The Fields As She Left Me

As you immerse yourself in the emotional, melodic, and at times, disorderly soundscape of ‘The Fields as She Left Me,’ Dominik Krammer’s prowess becomes evident. His EP not only resonates on a visceral level but also leaves the audience craving for more. This sonic journey is destined to linger in your memory long after the final note fades away, creating an enduring impact that transcends whatever boundaries of electronic music.

Verdict: Four cuts of solid beats with wonderfully melodic layers. Dominik Krammer lays down the driving Techno percussive sound while lifting it up and away from a darker edge with with the use of bright arpeggiated synth lines and soaring pads. David Heine Remix of Kataigel is a dreamy take on the original, bringing a euphoric laid back vibe to finish the EP off nicely. Techno infused emotive bliss.

Track List:

Dominik Krammer – The Fields As She Left Me

Dominik Krammer – Nocturnal Desires

Dominik Krammer – Ketaige

Dominik Krammer – Ketaigel (David Heine Remix)

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