Track: Fink’s ‘Sort of Revolution’ is true to its word.

Fink is the kind of artist that makes you nostalgic for bygone times, old loves and the beauty of youth. He’s the artist that inspired many, following his own singer-songwriter journey that truly is adaptable to the times. He has released a beauty of a song ‘ Sort of Revolution’ ahead of his upcoming Album “IIUII” ( out on August 20th on R’COUP’D).
This follows the recently released ‘Warm Shadow (IIUII)’ single and announcement of a 58 date European tour. ‘Sort of Revolution’ is most wonderfully a re-working of the original Fink classic, as the album promises to echo. It is a laid back yet powerful re-creation’ a cry of hope and desperation, building on crescendos of acoustic guitar, percussion and piano. If the track is anything to go by, I have a feeling that the album wil be a kind of coming home for Fink. He says in ‘Sort of Revolution’ :’ we’ve come so far So just let me know when we get there, if we get there.’. I reckon , he not only took the road less travelled as an artist ; he took the road we all wish we took.

Get your copy of ‘Sort of Revolution’ ahead of Fink’s upcoming album ‘ IIUII’ here

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