EP Review: Why Sun – Frugte

Copenhagen trio why sun describe their sound as ‘sleepy noise’. It’s an interesting attempt to coin a new sub-genre, but I can hear little going on here besides straight up dream pop. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

Within their new EP ‘Frugte”s opening moments, it’s clear that the band’s timing of this record’s release to coincide with long, warm summer days is deliberate (although as I write this in mid-July, it’s pouring down outside, so I’m having to imagine the band’s intended listening conditions).

The guitar on opener ‘Eastern Love’ has a pleasant, lilting, summery echo to it and a tambourine taps away in the background in a manner that recalls early Belle and Sebastian. The deep, low, bassy vocals also reminded me of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

Next up is ‘Heart of the Moon’ which sounds like the Cocteau Twins and ‘Psychocandy’-era Jesus and Mary Chain. The latter influence is also evident on ‘Traffic’ but is, intriguingly, also combined with drums that sound like they have been looped. This sound continues through ‘Blind’. ‘Singapore (By Night)’ closes the EP and is the song on which why sun’s guitars sound at their most overtly shoegazey.

Whilst I have to say I found the band’s characterisation of their sound as ‘sleepy noise’ to be something of a misnomer, and truth be told there isn’t a whole lot to set the songs on this EP apart meaning they blur into each other somewhat, ‘Frugte’ does make for an undeniably pleasant, mellifluous listen. It’s well worth seeking out if you’re looking for something with shimmering, melodic guitars and subtly haunting vocals to soundtrack your afternoon sunbathe. Just don’t expect anything completely inventive or at all noisy.

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