It’s surprising the lengths we will go to in order to protect our family. There’s an animalistic instinct which kicks in around young children, especially if you’re a single parent with all the pressure and responsibility resting on your shoulders. This unconditional love and natural impulse can drive even the shyest and most retiring person to take extreme measures. This is the case in Abner Pastoll’s new film A Good Woman is Hard to Find.

Sarah (Sarah Bolger) is a young widow whose attempts to get to the bottom of the murder of her husband are continually frustrated. Struggling to make ends meet, she brings up her children the best she can. When a drug dealer (Andrew Simpson), who is on the run from a crime boss (Edward Hogg), forces his was into her home it puts their lives in danger. Sarah will do anything to protect her family.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a mix of social realism, crime thriller and family drama. What makes it stand out is a strong central performance from Bolger. She encapsulates the anxiety and angst of a grieving widow who is struggling to survive. When threatened, she will only be pushed so far. A Good Woman is Hard to Find explores what happens when we reach breaking point.

There’s another special advanced screening of A Good Woman is Hard to Find on 23 July at Fantasia Festival 2019.