Feature: Bloodhounds Give Us a Track By Track Of Their Epic New EP ‘Eat Lies’

Since forming in 2017 we’ve gone through a lot of changes. We released an EP, an Album and even Co-wrote/featured on some Monstercat songs. Played some big shows all over the country sharing the stage with the likes of Saint Agnes, As Everything Unfolds, Tantric, The Fallen State and many more. Then in hopes to take the band further, we had decided to refine the band and our image after the pandemic and come out of it with the strongest relationships as a band and the biggest, the most difficult to write and best material we’ve ever written. 

We were influenced by a lot of musicians, the obvious being Rage Against The Machine, Alter Bridge and Audioslaves. But for this record 

we were closely listening to bands like Superlove, Turnstile and Idles for fresh style of concepts and production tricks. 

As much as this was fun to make we ran into a lot of problems that we had to work around and face. Time being one of them, trying to stick to the deadline we wanted and soon realising that was unrealistic with so many parties involved. Having to work with management, graphics, producer, videographers, money constraints and making sure everything is ready to go was very tough but we believe it has paid off. Not just this but also the state of the world at the time and currently is, it’s harder these days to get support from Playlisting and working out how to reach audiences through social media, however with our great team I think we tackled these problems very well and this record has become the best thing we’ve ever released.

Eat Lies tells the story of a journey from anger and self hatred and ends beautifully with self love and acceptance.

“Throw Us In The Fire” describes the near death of the music industry during the covid pandemic and how the bands hopes and aspirations were getting “Thrown Into The Fire”. Venues were closing down, local bands were falling apart and if you weren’t top of the food chain you were facing all these issues head on.

“We’re Not The Same” is a very politically charged song that conveys how “us” the every day person and “them” the ruling class, whether it be how we act during a Pandemic or the very moral fibre that makes us… are not the same. It’s a reflection of the suffering divide between the ruling class of this country and the other 99% of people by highlighting the stark differences in lived experiences between those two groups, especially during the Pandemic.

“Grow” is a song dedicated to those who are being targeted by corrupt media for challenging the status quo and trying to make a positive change to society. It depicts an angry individual venting to the world about how the majority of it is run by evilness and disgustingness but when stripped back depicts sort of a love story between the individual and the things they want to help with and change for a better world to live in.

“What I Have” delves into the emotions of growing up and learning that there is a thin veneer to society, that when peeled back, reveals how evil mankind can be. 

Singer, Joey Newell masterfully balances the light and the dark to try to remind us to revaluate our priorities in life: although it may seem great to grind hard, use people and sacrifice loads to earn the big money, remember it’s your friends, family and the memories that you make are what really matter, so try not to forget to be happy with what you have.

“Big Enough” is the final track on the EP and after all this venting, anger and self reflection we find ourselves in a calm, more controlled manner. Talking about how minorities and people without power are told to hide and follow only one path in their life to live in, but using motivation, love and self respect to break out of the mould and do the things you want to do. The thing is, whether we like it or not, everyone is born ignorant and going down a path you don’t want to fights against every fibre in your soul. “You can fail at what you don’t want to do, so why not just go after your dreams” so do it! Follow your dreams and don’t end up at an old age thinking what could’ve been when you can just take that moment now!

Check out the band’s track We’re Not The Same, below:

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