Film Review: Gaza

The seemingly endless Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East has been documented countless times over the decades. However, this coverage has mainly focused on the occupied territories. Little attention has been paid to Gaza. The strip of land bordering the Mediterranean Sea is a self-governing Palestinian Territory which borders both Israel and Egypt.

Today, the Gaza Strip is essentially under blockade with both land borders closed off and no escape by sea. Without electricity, drinking water or hope for the future, the residents, or inmates, try and get by and make the most of an awful situation. Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell’s new documentary, Gaza, follows normal citizens as they go about their daily lives.

Whilst Gaza covers the fighting, there’s a conscious effort to tell the stories of ordinary Palestinians living under a state of siege. Young men being wiped out through violence and conflict with their overbearing neighbours. Older men trying to support their families but ending up in prison for debt because there’s no work. Women forced to adhere to a strict Muslim code. Gaza is a documentary about freedom and about what it’s like living under oppression. It’s eye opening and deeply disturbing.

Gaza is out in cinemas from 9 August.

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