DVD Review: D-Railed

The critical reception and box office popularity of independent horror films have soared over the last few years. However, there’s a huge difference between the likes of It Follows, It Comes at Night, Revenge and Mandy and micro-budget genre cinema. Probably the most impressive example is Marc Price’s Colin which cost all of £45. D-Railed’s purse-strings aren’t quite that restrictive but it does a lot with what it has.

A woman boards a train and joins a variety of passengers. After a confrontation and a robbery, the train derails; coming to rest in a lake. Trapped and desperate, the survivors fight for their lives. Whilst struggling to find a way out they soon realise that they’re not alone. There’s a creature stalking them. As the water rises, they will have to choose between certain death and facing a deadly monster.

D-Railed chugs along quite well at times but is derailed again and again by poor dialogue, bad acting and a plot which is stretched way too thin. There are some entertaining sequences and decent set-ups but not enough to hold interest for a feature. Whilst the story itself could have been interesting, Dale Fabrigar arguably tries to do too much, but not enough. Leaving the passengers all washed up in a siding.

D-Railed is released on DVD and Digital in the US by Uncork’d Entertainment on 6 August.

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