Film Review: Red Heaven

As the Earth begins to falter at an increasingly accelerated rate, largely due to the abuses of humankind, the thoughts of many turn to the stars. While billionaires see space as yet another money-making opportunity, scientists have been focussing their attention way beyond the Karman Line. With our planet dying, the theoretical concerns around colonising Mars have moved on to more practical considerations.

One of the major challenges for any mission to the Red Planet is the effects of living in sterile conditions for a protracted period of time. It’s difficult enough for those spending extended durations of time on the International Space Station, but being the pioneers on a far-off world adds a fresh set of physical and mental challenges.  Red Heaven follows a team of six who participate in a year-long NASA psychological experiment to mimical life on Mars.

Red Heaven is a fascinating documentary which charts the experienced of the ‘crew’ as they live in conditions as similar as possible to an off-world environment. By giving these volunteers cameras, Lauren DeFilippo and Katherine Gorringe’s film immerses the viewers in their experiences. Allowing both he footage and their words to tell the story. It’s enthralling to see those dynamics play-out. Red Heaven is a thoughtful and intricate study of the human psyche.  

Red Heaven is available to rent or own now, in the US, on AppleTV and Altavod courtesy of Utopia.  

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