Film Review: She’s Missing

Almost since the inception of film, audiences have been ‘treated’ to a dizzying array of buddy movies. These bromances have taken many shapes and forms but there’s almost always been one common denominator. Men. Indeed, until recently, mainstream cinema generally overlooked female friendships. Thankfully, this anomaly is finally being rectified. The likes of Ladybird and Booksmart are just the beginning. Alexandra McGuinness sophomore film, She’s Missing, investigates these female bonds.

Heidi (Lucy Fry) and Jane (Eiza González) are best friends. They live in a small town in the desert. These two very different women have a strange and deep connection. Heidi is a level-headed and dependable outsider whilst Jane is an erratic and headstrong Rodeo Queen and military wife. Her sudden disappearance sparks Heidi into action. She must embark on a quest across the sands to discover the truth.  

She’s Missing is a fever dream of love, friendship and loneliness. McGuinness ensures events are wrapped within a hazy veneer and shrouded in a pall of mystery. Their drama is accompanied by an ominous and eerie score and shot in washed-out woozy hues.  At its heart, She’s Missing is a film about the inexorable and almost addictive power of sisterly love. A prickly and unsettling tale.

She’s Missing is available on iTunes and On Demand from 1 July.

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