Grimmfest Review: Holy Shit!

It seems to follow that first time directors, usually for financial reasons, often confine their shoot to as few locations as possible. After climbing the ladder and receiving more financial backing, they tend to quickly expand their horizons; using multiple locations and digital effects. This doesn’t, for one second, mean that the film is likely to be better. Indeed, only using, say, one location, for example, means the writing has to be spot on. As it is in Holy Shit!.

It’s a big day for Frank’s (Thomas Niehaus). The architect has invested all his time and effort into an exciting new project, neglecting his private and family life. Much to the distress of his wife (Olga von Luckwald). Today, is the first big public event, and the main investor will be there, so it’s important the detonation goes exactly to plan. His boss, Horst (Gedeon Burkhard), will stop at nothing to make it a success, which Frank learns to his cost when he wakes up trapped in a portaloo.

Holy Shit! Is brilliantly done. Director Bob East uses the limited space really cleverly, as well as adding inventive catalysts to move the narrative forward. Don’t go in expecting it to stick too closely to reality, but do settle in for a wild, whacky and incredibly funny descent into the bowels of human endurance. It’s one of those films which will work perfectly with a well-oiled audience. Holy Shit! Is just about a perfect midnight movie.  

Holy Shit! Screened at Grimmfest.

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