Live Gallery: Dermot Kennedy at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt 7.12.2023

Dermot Kennedy

Irish singer-songwriter, Dermot Kennedy, known for his distinctive blend of folk and pop genres with a touch of soul is playing the iconic Sydney Opera House Forecourt tonight. It is a warm and humid evening as the crowd awaits the singer who has garnered attention with his rich, gritty voice and introspective lyrics. One lucky fan receives a handwritten note from Kennedy that she clutches to her chest.

Kennedy first gained significant traction in 2016 with his debut EP, ‘Doves & Ravens,’ showcasing his ability to weave emotive storytelling with powerful vocal performances. His breakthrough single, ‘Outnumbered,’ released in 2019, further solidified his place when it became a global hit.

He is currently touring his second album ‘Sonder,’ which was released in 2022. The title ‘Sonder’, encapsulates the phrase for “the realisation that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”, which resonated with Kennedy. The youthful crowd buzzes with anticipation, a sea of eager faces enveloped by the sails of the opera house and Sydney harbour bridge. With seemingly the entire Irish population of Sydney coming together to revel in the shared connection to their homeland through his music tonight.

And when he bursts onto the stage, the crowd erupts with a detonation of pure, unadulterated euphoria. His arrival shatters the anticipatory silence with the force of a sonic boom. Kennedy weaves a tapestry of melody and emotion that enraptures every single soul present, binding them in a shared, transcendent experience.

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