Live Review: Aurora / Metteson – 3Olympia, Dublin 31.03.2022

Carl McGrath

On the 31 st of March Norwegian pop artist Aurora performed a sold-out 3Olympia show in Dublin with support from fellow Norwegian artist Metteson.

Matteson graced the stage watering a massive pink starfish hat in an explosion of energy. His catchy pop
driven songs and infectious enthusiasm for what he was doing had the crowd bopping along from the start of his set. There was impressive choreography throughout the set from himself and his band. All of
this made for a fantastic opening act and because of this performance I will certainly be diving deeper
into Matteson’s discography!

Aurora was phenomenal from the moment she took the stage which was decorated beautifully with a
large circle in the middle of the stage and large waves from one side to the other. The show began with
bright red lights and ‘Forbidden fruits if Eden’ and ‘Heathens’ before moving to yellow lights for ‘Blood
in the Wine’. After this song Aurora took a quick break to address the crowd. She called Ireland her
‘home’ clearly getting emotional because of the overwhelming support she has here.

On the next song ‘Runaway’ the lights went blue and this stayed for ‘Warrior’ and ‘ A Dangerous Thing’.
The stage lights dropped significantly for ‘Exist for Love’ a touching slow moment in the set which got
the crowd singing back beautifully. ‘It Happened Quiet’ highlighted the talent of Aurora, hitting
wonderful high notes throughout the song. She sang the title of the song in a whisper to which the
crowd replied in the same fashion.

During ‘Everything Matters’ the circle on stage went bright red silhouetting Aurora before picking up
during the chorus to showcase the great lights once again. Aurora’s backing singer provided wonderful
harmonies here as well. The band started straight away into another song but Aurora stopped then as
she wanted to play ‘You Keep Me Crawling’ to which her voice was a highlight once more, with many
long high notes towards the end of the song. ‘Cure for me’ got the crowd dancing again with Aurora
dancing around the stage herself. It was nice to see more and more people dancing their hearts out was
the song went in which much of the crowd dancing by the end. After ‘Cure for Me’ the crowd gave her a
great big applause!

The last sad song of the evening was ‘Inhale Exhale’ another lovely song about when we feel powerless
as humans living in a crazy world.

The set finished with lots of dancing with Aurora playing hits such as ‘The Seed’ , ‘Queendom’, ‘A
Temporary High’, ‘Running with the Wolves’, ‘Giving in to the Love’ and ‘A Little Place Called the Moon’.
During these songs the crowd gave their all screaming back every word, while Aurora danced around the
stage with tremendous presence and a powerful voice. ‘The Seed’ and ‘Queendom’ probably highlighted
this the best!

This was one of those rare sets which was practically perfect in all aspects from performance to
production, where the crowd has transported from the real world into a beautiful one painted by
Aurora. I would watch it again in a heartbeat. If you have not checked out Aurora’s music do yourself a
favour and just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

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