Live Review + Galleries: Bluesfest Byron Bay Day 3 (Saturday 08.04.2023)

Day 3 of my Bluesfest marathon started with me going along to catch the 2022 Bluesfest Busking Competition winners, Loose Content, a local indie/alt rock band. Whilst not your traditional blues/roots band, they were highly entertaining, and drew quite a few of their friends, family and other supporters to the festival.

My third dose of the marvellous Hussy Hicks was next, and this was quickly followed up by local guitar player Jerome Williams. One of Jerome’s friends was heavily spruiking him to a band of photographers who were on their way to another artist, and rather than disappoint him, a number of us went to see him….and wow, what a talent this guy is. He was oh so happy to have been selected to grace the stage at Bluesfest, and this came across in hi joyous performance.

From there it was a rush across to see another of the young blues players who is keeping the blues alive and in good hands in Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram, whose wailing guitar solos are a wonder to behold.

A second dose of the wonderfully-talented Marcus King was to follow, and along with ‘Kingfish’ from previously, again proved he is the heir-apparent to the greats of the blues.

19-Twenty took to the stage for their second performance of the festival, and brought the fun once more with their high-octane show.

A new artist for me was Allison Russell, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and activist. Her performance was one for the ages, and it would be great to see her make a return in ensuing years.

I left the Saturday evening for more guitar-hero worship, working my way through Eric Gales, a guitarist who has taken his playing to an absolutely stratospheric level, through to the final Australian tour of the legendary Buddy Guy, who at 86 years of age showed that he has still got the chops of a man far younger, and performed a show which belied his advancing years. Finally, the man who is known for the ‘keeping the blues alive’ movement, Joe Bonamassa was to close out my night before weariness got the better of me and I retired to my tent (yes, I camp) to gather up some rest and strength for day 4.

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All images: ©fullonrockphotography/Andrew Fuller

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