Premiere: Joseph Luca announces second EP and shares ‘My Best Dancing Shoes’

Back in November, Los Angeleno Joseph Luca released Ouroboros (Life), the first in a triptych of EP releases to come from him over the course of a year. Or so we thought at the time – it turns out that the second instalment is on the way a lot sooner than anticipated. Maybe squash that timeframe down into six months or so? Anyway, more Joseph Luca is always a good thing!

Ouroboros (Death) is that second part, being announced today for release in just over four weeks. To coincide with the unveiling of the 5-song EP (which also sees previous singles being folded into this interlinked body of work), Luca has shared lead single and closing track ‘My Best Dancing Shoes’, navigating love and loss in his own way on a song that’s as beautiful as it is heartwrenching: “‘My Best Dancing Shoes’ is a poignant musical narrative that encapsulates the intricacy of an unrequited love story. It weaves the tale of an individual grappling with the acceptance of their authentic self, compelled by a love that remains unreciprocated. The song beautifully metaphorizes  dancing shoes as a symbol of embracing one’s purest and most genuine identity despite facing adversity. It speaks of patiently waiting for a kindred spirit to arrive, a partner willing to join in the dance of life as true equals.”

We’ve got your first listen of ‘My Best Dancing Shoes’ below; the Ouroboros (Death) EP follows on Friday February 16th.

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