Live Review: Walt Disco – The Sound House, Dublin 01,04,2022

Glasgow’s gothic/glam pop band are in Dublin’s The Sound House tonight and it also happens to be the release day of their debut album Unlearning.
Who are Walt Disco, ok take a few drops of The Cure, The Virgin Prunes, The Mission, a splash of Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, T. Rex/Bowie add a dash of Operatic flamboyance and some multi-instrumentalists, put it all in a cocktail shaker, give it a good shake! pour on stage and you have

The lighting tonight is a little disappointing, I was expecting something a bit more given the bands flamboyance so had thought there might have been a bit of a light show. Either way it didn’t take away from things, we are here to hear the music and once I saw the set list I thought wow this is going to be great and great! it was.
Unfortunately there’s only a small crowd in tonight (Dublin alternative scene you disappoint) Putting this down to it being the bands first time to Dublin as can happen, this didn’t deter the band though as Mashu says not to worry this is going to be something beautiful and we call all say we were at the first ever Walt Disco Dublin show.
Opening with songs from the EP Young Hard and Handsome its Heather / Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us) followed by a run through of album tracks (well it is its release date)
Hold Yourself as High as Her
Be An Actor
How Cool are You
Cut Your Hair
Selfish Lover
The Costume Change
Those Kept Close

The 2019 single My Pop Sensibilities briefly breaks the album track run, but only briefly as its back to

The band finish up with 2019 song Past Tense which deals with dealing with grief. and no encore.

Well I have to say the goths/ glam pops and alternative types of Dublin dropped the ball on this one as they missed out. But the band vowed to be back, so wake up Dublin!
The people that were there got a show to remember and everyone will be talking and spreading the name of this band!

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