Film Review – Virus: 32

Iris hiding

While there’s always been a certain amount of horror conjured-up by the idea of a virus-driven pandemic, the last few years have brought the prospect into stark relief. Not that COVID-19 turns its victims into mindless zombies wild with bloodlust or a hunger for brains, but it’s still very scary. Making films based on this premise all the more terrifying. In Virus:32, a mother must save her daughter when all hell breaks loose.

It’s fair to say that Iris (Paula Silva) isn’t the most organised mother. When her daughter Miriam (Sofía González) arrives at her apartment, she suddenly remembers it’s her turn to have custody. It seems a prime opportunity for the youngster to see what her mama does at work, so she sneaks her into the closed sport club where she’s employed as a security guard. When people start breaking out into violent rages, they need to fight for their lives.

Virus:32 is an unusual film in many ways. The club provides a perfect setting to build-up an atmosphere of dread. Fear stalks the shadows and danger lurks around every corner. This is where Gustavo Hernández’s film excels. It doesn’t quite manage to carry it off though and the longer it goes on the more stretched the premise becomes. Feeling like a game adaption at times and the conceit is rather flimsy. Nevertheless, Virus: 32 still has a lot going for it.

Virus: 32 premieres on Shudder on 21 April.

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  2. […] “Fear stalks the shadows and danger lurks around every corner. This is where Gustavo Hernández’s film excels. Feeling like a game adaptation at times and the vanity is rather flimsy. Backseat Mafia […]

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