See: Korean surf-indie band Say Sue Me reveal new video for To Dream

Photo Credit: Lim So

Those guys at Damnably records know what they’re doing, and so we feasted on their latest offering – a new video from Korean indie rock band Say Sue Me, who’s album ’The Last Thing Left’, is out in their imprint on May 13th.

The track, To Dream, is the second single to be taken from the album, and is the only Korean language track on the album. It’s a largely melancholy affair, but somewhere in there there’s hope as well, as shimmering, shoegazey guitars bleed into each other and ethereal vocals are lovingly draped over the top. Of the track, vocalist and guitarist Sumi Choi says, “I dreamed that everyone was alive, and I came to think that there might be no end. One day everyone will come back and meet somewhere.” 

Its accompanied by a rather beautiful There and Back video, directed by Lee Seongwook, with support from Music Lab Busan. Check it out below – anyone else getting a tellytubbies set vibe?

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