Meet: The Trio Behind ‘Static Lives’

With the bands first single due out next month and a UK tour to follow the month after Yorkshire based Static Lives, are set for a big year this year. Backseat Mafia caught up with the trio to find out a little bit about them.

Give us a potted history of the band

Lori : As a band we’ve only been working together since January – we’ve all been in previous bands locally (and not so locally – Kent/Guildford) but we all now live in Sheffield and it just seems to work! We all have the same goal, all love making music and even better we’re all really good mates!

We’re getting ready to release our first track RUSH on 28.03 – and even more luckily – we’re the first band to be signed to S&M Records – the label associated with Sidney & Matilda in Sheffield – which is a great underground music venue; really making waves at the moment – without that I don’t know we’d be lucky enough to have the chance at exposure.

We’re getting ready for our first tour starting in April – which is mad, because Sheffield and London are already sold out – and we’re playing Tramlines Festival this year alongside Snow Patrol and The Human League, which for a band of only 2 months old is just madness! 

Andy : I began drum lessons at 13 during school, where I found a natural knack for it, though I didn’t practice much outside of class, and I still don’t practice enough! I was part of a band with schoolmates called Namus, “the greatest band you’ve never heard of”! 

Who inspired you to start making music

Rob : This may be a cliche answer but it was really McCartney who got me into music and bass. I just love the way he treats the bass like a melody. He also transfixed me by his cheeky and playful writing style. Ever since I first heard him I’ve always tried to bottle his energy 

Lori : Katy Perry! I remember watching her ‘Part of Me’ film and was like OMG imagine having a stage show like this, creating a world fans can be a part of, and just escape everyday life for an hour (or so) – music is just that – it’s an escape! 

Andy : My early influences were bands like Blink 182 and Green Day, particularly mesmerized by the energy and speed of “Enema of the State”. Watching Travis Barker’s dedication and unique sound was truly inspiring, and I still aspire to his level of skill and work ethic.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically  

Lori : Bring Me the Horizon, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, I grew up playing a lot of Playstation games, and I really love how Jordan Fish has used soundscaping to create a feel with every song, the creepy little sound bites just is incredible – they used the guy who created the soundtrack from the game DOOM to create soundbites for this album! 

Rob : I’m in your mind fuzz by king gizzard and the lizard wizard has always been one of my favourites. Its mix of garage and psych and the way the energy of the album ascends and descends like a live show has always captivated me. I also take massive inspiration from ‘Sound of Silver’ by LCD Soundsystem. The way a band can create an album from such simple repeating parts and just build and build on them. The layers of synthesisers combined with simple drum and bass parts blew me away when I first heard it.

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone who’s never heard you, what do you say

Andy: In our music, you might detect a strong Blondie vibe, especially in some of our songs like “One Eye”. 

Lori : Yeah I’d agree with Andy here, very dancy, rocky, bad assy vibes! 

Tell us about your new single

Lori : RUSH is the first single we will be releasing from our upcoming mixtape (which is available to buy on vinyl and CD) We recorded it with Paul Tuffs, who also runs S&M Records (handy right?) the track is about the euphoric high you get from a night out, and even after the party is over that ‘on top of the world’ feeling you get from dancing the night away with your pals! 

Where can we get hold of it

Rob : Over on our website

Tell us how you write

Lori : I usually start with the chorus, I find verses sometimes quite challenging – but you should hear my voice notes on my phone – if I have so much as a little tune I will record it – I’m sure I actually sound like a lunatic if you were to listen to them! 

Rob : I’m starting to think I write music like an AI which is worrying. I tend to find my best ideas from jamming a song over and over again. If I find an idea that I think sounds good I’ll repeat next time we play it, then I find another idea and add it in. I do this until I’m satisfied that adding more will detract from the song. So really my songwriting style is repeat repeat repeat until I’m happy.

Tell us about your live show What would be your dream gig

Andy : We haven’t actually played a live show yet but I’m eagerly anticipating our upcoming tour in April/May; it promises to be an incredible show. Additionally, I can’t wait to hit the big stages at the festivals we have lined up. 

Rob : The venue I always dreamt of playing in the future, the one I could play and die a happy man knowing I achieved my dream, Has to be Red Rocks in Colorado. To play my music with the backdrop of those massive rocks and the night sky above would be everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Will probably never happen, but who knows ehh. 

What can we expect from you in the near future

Lori : Well, RUSH is out 28.03.24 which we are so excited about – to finally show people what we sound like (hopefully they won’t ask for refunds on their gig tickets hehe!) we’re looking to release a mixtape in September – however, this will be available to buy now and with you in April ahead of the tour! There are only 100 copies being made though, so super duper exclusive!

Tell us your favourite records that are rocking your headphones/tour bus / stereo

Rob : For me right now I’m loving an album from last year. Night Gnomes by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. I love their combination of Hard hitting rocky riffs with their playful approach to the lyrics and production. I love bands who don’t take themselves too seriously. Like I’ve heard a billion songs about love, why not write about gnomes that come to life and live in your back garden.

Andy : Lately, I’ve been listening to the Aussie punk band, The Chats, appreciating their raw lyrics and how it gets you grooving!

Lori : For me, it’s The Last Dinner Party, Cassyette and our pals Snayx!

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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