See: Amplify Dot releases new visuals for new single ‘I’m Good’, featuring Busta Rhymes

I think I’m probably the most mainstream of all the BM writers in my musical tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I love being introduced to new bands and in turn introducing stuff I have found to my friends. I like a self-released EP produced in someone’s bedroom as much as the next person. But, I also like a right good pop song.
Yep, you heard, I like pop. I’ve been to see Take That three times. Beyonce is my favourite dancing music. And I used to wish I was an All Saint really bad (I did the Shaznay rap to ‘I know where it’s at’ only last week at karaoke). I’m not ashamed of it, a good pop song is a thing of beauty. As is a good pop group.
That said, there’s a current pop song doing the rounds that I ABSOLUTELY hate…‘Walks like Rihanna’ by The Wanted. Apologies to Wanted fans (although I can’t imagine there are many reading this blog) and please believe me when I say I don’t have anything against the band – they’ve released some good pop songs – my problem lies in the lyrics of said song. I quote:
“She can’t sing, she can’t dance but who cares “She walks like Rihanna”
So, the premise is that it doesn’t matter what a woman does, says, whether she has any discernible talents? All she needs to be acceptable is the ability to emulate the gait of an overtly sexual Barbadian pop star…. WHAT? Are these really the sorts of messages we want to be giving to the teen girls who make up the vast majority of Wanted fans? I am, quite frankly, in an apoplectic feminist rage about it. Not only is it irresponsible, it’s offensive, inane and quite frankly, a load of shit.
THANK GOD then for women in music with talent, intelligence and swagger. Who are showing that as a female performer it isn’t necessary to constantly dress in clothes that risk nipple slip with every move. THANK GOD in fact for the insanely talented, eminently cool, crazy clever and yes, still totally sexy, Amplify Dot.
Amplify Dot is a rapper/MC from Brixton who last year signed to EMI/Virgin and is about to release a track with the one and only Busta Rhymes. ‘I’m Good’ (released 22nd July) is, rightly, getting a lot of attention and radio play and is set to be her big breakthrough track.
She’s collaborated before, notably with Kano, and her recent releases ‘Get Down’ and ‘Kurt Cobain’ have shown her to be a smart lyricist with tons of attitude. ‘I’m Good’ is upbeat and totally catchy. It’s got a more breezy feel than something like ‘Kurt Cobain’ which, complete with broody video and lyrics like “Catch em in the viper room pining for some vicodin, leave em lying in the same position that u find em in”, shows Dot’s darker side.
She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects. Previous tracks have referenced drug use, abortion and abuse and I am on tenterhooks waiting for the album. And she’s got her own style too. A self-confessed tomboy she is working on her own clothing line “Quiff Heads” for tomboys just like her.
Just returned from Ibiza/Mallorca Rocks, she’s punting ‘I’m Good’ around radio stations and clubs. I’m certain all the effort will be worth it. The rumblings around Amplify Dot’s rising stock are well deserved and only going to grow.Check out the video for further proof.
Mark my words The Wanted, she is going to be a big star. And no-one gives a f*ck what she walks like.
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