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Matt Schrum

Spiritworld are set to release their 2nd studio album ‘Deathwestern’ via Century Media Records.  The band have revealed the title track and a the mini western horror movie video, directed by Todd Hailstone, to go with it. 

Stu Folsom (Spiritworld’s leader and mastermind) comments:

“Super stooooooked to announce our new single and video Deathwestern will be out!  I started writing our new album right when I finished Pagan Rhythms. At that point, I had been playing guitar everyday for about a year and it was – no joke –  the highlight of my days.  Just banger riff after banger riff jumping out of the Viper Blood Tele.  It took six months to get four songs together that I thought could stand up to Pagan. Then I knew I had another full length. This was the 4th song I wrote and it became the title track and our partner in crime and A&R extraordinaire, Mike Gitter’s favourite. When we finished tracking, I vividly remember getting chills.  The intro whammys are 100% intentional White Zombie worship. ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1’ was SUCH an important record for me. From samples, to groove, to incorporating horror into metal… definitely one of the most influential albums of my youth. I’m following that blueprint still. Always have. Can’t wait for this video to drop… finally!”

A pounding track with a steel backbone, swirling guitars, rip roaring drums and psychotic vocals. Its an immersive track with its foot to the floor dynamics and freight train rhythms you feel it rather than hearing it. And the after effects stay with you long after the last note has faded.

Check it out, here (the video is age restricted)

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

Pre order the album here

The album is available in the following formats: 

  • Ltd. CD Edition
  • Black LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) Available at all outlets
  • Red LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only Available at Century Media EU Store
  • Yellow LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only Available via SpiritWorld (band exclusive)
  • Transparent tan color LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 500 only Available at all outlets
  • Transparent orange crush LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster) – 300 only Available at Century Media US Store 
  • Limited Edition Cassette:

The restless Stu Folsom is also pleased to announce the release of his book ‘Godlessness’, which will also be released on November 25th.  

The book is a collection of short stories, inspired in equal parts by the western pulp of Louis L’Amour, the novels of Cormac McCarthy, and the twisted horror of Clive Barker, ‘Godlessness’ is the fictional companion piece of Spiritworld’s debut ‘Pagan Rhythms’ (2021) and upcoming follow up, ‘Deathwestern’ (2022). 

Dedicated to the memory of, and edited in part by, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, who died unexpectedly in 2020, ‘Godlessness’ was initially released as a limited-edition paperback.  The book will be available to pre-order through Rare Bird Lit, who also have the collectable formats below.

Godlessness Signed Book + Vinyl Audiobook:

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