Track: Arkells release the sunshine pop of new single ‘Never thought that this would happen’

Hamilton, Ontario’s Arkells are preparing to release their third album in the summer. As a first look they’ve released ‘Never thought this would happen’, take from the sessions that were recorded in Highland Park, LA with Tony Hoffer (Phoenix, M83, Beck). The record was written in a very workmanlike fashion, the band band convening five days a week, giving themselves an hour for lunch and riding their bikes home at the end of the day.

According to the band the song “was inspired by this beautiful little summer festival in rural Ontario called Hillside. Under the sun, there’s live music, workshops and summer dresses flowing in the wind. Beneath the moonlight, there’s drinking, dancing, and campfire sing-a-longs. This song takes place after all of that, sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.”

At its beginning, Never thought this would happen sounds like its bursting to get out there, this harmony laden pop still managing to find elements of cinematic beauty to it despite this baroque pop dominating. It’s slow moving, finding space in the structure to string you along before finally opening out into this glorious sunshine feel.

Sounds a hell of a place, this Ontario.
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