See: Little Death Machine release new video for Pale/December

Little Death Machine‘s new single ‘Pale’, and b-side ‘December’, dial things down several notches, take the rock out of the equation and gently deposit us into slower, hazier soundscapes.  There’s still an air of disquiet and unease supplied by the melancholy guitar rolls, the coarse, shuddering drums and the soft but insistent alarm-like keyboards.

The video, too, delivers a combination of beauty and discomforting darkness – dancers and other imagery glimpsed in flashes, through the shadows. And you can’t escape the edge of menace in Daniel Cross’ voice and the threat in the line “I can’t hear you now, there’s nobody here”.

It’s an interesting change in tempo and direction for this now-three-piece (with the addition of Jamie Goff), is their first single on Glasstone records and is out now.







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