Track: Victory Jones – Warriors

Warriors, the debut single from New York City’s Victory Jones, is (at least according to her) “…a song about overcoming insecurities, standing for what one believes in, having pure intentions and following one’s path no matter what… it’s about no dream being deferred if one just makes the decision to do it. It’s about courage, daring to dream, making decisions and sticking to them and uplifting one’s self and others. Banding together with others who also believe that life’s adversities must be faced head on.”

The first release from her upcoming EP, titled A Prelude To Victory, which drops later on this summer, its only the beginning for Victory Jones, an artist who has gone from being down and out to being on the cuts of Urban Pop stardom. It opens with this almost Gospel feel about the accompaniment, these static chords running through the sequence, but it soon develops into something that transends smart urban pop, with a real reggae flavour about it.

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