See: Falling Stacks release video for No Stops

Bristol three piece Falling Stacks describe themselves, at least via their Facebook page, as being ‘Frowncore’. As fans here on backseat mafia of all sorts of ‘core’, it seemed the ideal time to check them out, with the release of their debut album ‘No Wives’ on June 9th via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

It opens with these stark dischordant guitar lines, which eventually flit in and out of time and space with whatever else is going on, as the music is alternately fast and slow, thick and thin, weird and…well, weird. But in a glorious and unexpected manner, as it throws in elements of punk funk, as well as this avant-indie. Over the top the vocal get more and more angry, more and more imploring.

If that’s frowncore, count us in. Check out the video, here

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