News: Brighton-Based Post-Punk Rockers School Disco Share New Album ‘Denton Rock’

Brighton-based post-punk rockers School Disco are back with their highly anticipated album ‘Denton Rock’. Having previously supported acts like Wolf Alice, Froth, Lime Garden, and Frankie and the Witch Fingers, the band’s reputation continues to soar.

Formed in 2016 in Brighton with roots in Plymouth, School Disco draws influence from music legends like Black Sabbath and CAN. Their unique sound, inspired by elements of science fiction and H.P. Lovecraft’s literature, has garnered attention from a number of tastemakers.

Recorded at Sour Grapes Records in Denton, Manchester, ‘Denton Rock’ is a testament to the band’s audacious creativity. The album is introduced by the single ‘Feelings Coming’, characterised by gritty instrumentals, energetic guitar lines, and vocals reminiscent of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. The visuals accompanying the music are captivating and, at times, evoke trypophobia.

Frontperson Rory reflects on the album’s creation: “Denton Rock is an album I’m super proud of. With a new lineup, we delved into playing new songs and reimagining old ones live. We booked a studio in Manchester, and within 3 days, we captured 90% of the album.”

The album’s nine tracks delve into explicit narratives, touching on politics in songs like ‘King,’ ‘Crying Beasts,’ and ‘Master Of Disguise.’ It also continues the H.P. Lovecraft theme from their previous record with ‘M.O.M.’

‘Denton Rock’ is a call to arms, addressing government failures affecting a generation. It tackles issues like environmentalism, working-class struggles, and more, making it politically relevant. Rory comments, “This album reflects the strong political sentiments of the past few years, marked by disappointing prime ministers and a lack of change.”

As a whole, the album represents School Disco’s most successful and well-received work to date. It captures their unique essence, combining fun and compelling elements while preserving the energy of their live performances.

Released digitally, on vinyl, and on CD through Copper Feast Records and Krautpop! Records, ‘Denton Rock’ was recorded in just three days and is available on BandCamp and Copper Feast Records’ web store. In an era where music can be a potent tool for social commentary, School Disco’s ‘Denton Rock’ stands as a rallying cry for an abandoned generation.

Listen below:

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