News: Jazz-Pop Songwriter SATCH Releases New Album ‘Present In The Post’

After a prolific run of singles and remixes spanning the years 2022 and 2023, including standout tracks like ‘Springsteen,’ ‘Jet Lag,’ and ‘Hold Your Own,’ SATCH, the moniker of jazz-pop songwriter Joshua Satchell, releases his debut album, ‘Present In The Post.’ This musical journey is a masterclass in emotional instrumentals and well-crafted lyricism, addressing a spectrum of themes ranging from addiction and depression to dysphoria, family, pride, and religion.

SATCH’s distinctive sound is characterized by gentle, breezy beats, an infectious, catchy groove, and deeply relatable storytelling. He seamlessly weaves elements from jazz, lo-fi, and EDM into lush soundscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for his vocal performances. The result is a collection of tracks that deliver hard-hitting moments and foster deep connections with the listener.

The artist shared his perspective on the album, stating, “The message from this album is one of empowerment. I went from being ‘present in’ and dreaming of my post-transition future to making that post-transition future my present reality. And the catalyst for that was the decision to be myself.”

‘Present In The Post’ was meticulously crafted at three different studios in London, including Tileyard, Queens Park, and West Hampstead, with the assistance of producer Itamar Lapidot. The collaboration came to life through shared artistic visions, with longtime collaborator Will Nash also contributing to the project. The result is an album that authentically reflects SATCH’s personal stories and experiences.

SATCH’s musical journey is a testament to his resilience and determination. Growing up in a household where everyone played musical instruments, he developed a natural talent for melody and harmony. However, his journey took a unique turn as he navigated high school and the challenges of being born in a body that didn’t align with his identity. Eventually, he discovered songwriting, a lifeline that allowed him to make sense of his world and express himself.

Over time, SATCH found the courage to share his songs with the world, and the artist we know today began to take shape. Inspired by a diverse range of influences, from early John Mayer to Lauryn Hill, Nashville Songcrafters to 90’s RnB harmony, SATCH uses music to connect with audiences and share his personal story through song.

With performances on renowned stages like Glastonbury, Reeperbahn, ‘The Great Escape,’ London Pride, Brighton Pride, Queer Spirit Festival, and Milton Keynes Pride, all backed by a formidable band, SATCH has proven himself as a distinct vocal talent with a powerful message.

As he looks ahead to the release of ‘Present In The Post,’ the future shines brightly for SATCH. His music not only entertains but also champions a moving message and a vision that resonates deeply with audiences, making him an artist to watch in the world of jazz-pop and beyond.

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