News: Renowned Serbian Singer Nevena Releases Emotional Single ‘Lena’

Serbian singer and songwriter Nevena releases the new single ‘Lena’. A heartfelt tribute to her beloved niece, the track captures the emotional journey of a performing artist finding solace in music amid separation from loved ones.

Nevena’s musical path is one of passion and perseverance. Her rise began as a finalist in Serbia’s “First Voice of Serbia” competition during her time in music school. Her talent soon led her to international stages and a music education at Boston’s Berklee School of Music.

From enchanting audiences at venues like Gotham Hall and Berklee Performance Center, Nevena’s soulful performances earned her acclaim. In 2018, she signed with Town Hill Colony, a Boston-based record label, reinforcing her versatility as an artist.

Beyond her own career, Nevena established the “Monody Music School” in 2019, spreading musical knowledge across Los Angeles, Boston, and Belgrade.

In 2021, Nevena’s dedication caught Frontiers’ attention, resulting in her self-titled album, ‘Nevena’, in collaboration with Swedish songwriter Mike Palace.

The inspiration for ‘Lena’ struck one quiet night as Nevena flipped through her songbook and discovered her niece’s photo, igniting a wave of nostalgia and longing. The poignant songwriting process took just thirty minutes, fueled by both sorrow and love. Nevena’s boyfriend’s emotional response affirmed her decision to share the track.

“My niece’s name is Lena, and she lives in Serbia,” Nevena shared. “As a performer, distance from loved ones is a sacrifice. This song is about my love for her despite the distance.”

Teaming up with Belgrade producer Dusan Alagic, Nevena brought ‘Lena’ to life, recording the piano-accented track at Los Angeles’ Village Studios. With its resonant melodies and emotive lyrics, ‘Lena’ adds another layer to Nevena’s artistic journey, offering listeners a poignant glimpse into her heart.

Listen below:

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