News: Terra Twin release cinematic art rock single ‘Nightshift’

Photo Credit: Jasper Cable-Alexander

Emerging London-based quartet Terra Twin have unveiled their new single ‘Nightshift’ – listen here

A cinematic, art rock gem, the track ebbs and flows with wandering guitar lines and purring percussion. Pulling from less obvious influences in the Americana and folk worlds too, it creates a chasmic collection of sonic footprints, inventing a totally unique soundscape. 

Elaborating on today’s single, Terra Twin explain, “‘Nightshift’ embraces themes of loneliness, heartache and discomfort through the perspective of an ageing detective looking for love in all the wrong places. It’s an Americana-influenced number tumbling downhill with the brakes off.”

Alongside the new single, the band have also shared the striking visuals for the track, directed by Glenn Kitson. A spoof of an American 70’s crime drama about a lonely detective working his nightshift. Preoccupied with himself he misses obvious clues that would lead him to his criminals. 

Speaking about the music video Glenn says, “First off it seemed like fun, Maxim came to me with an idea for the music video. He had an idea of a cop on the hunt for a killer and wanted to dress up and put loads of prosthetics on. It’s not often these days that a band wants to do something like that, especially a bunch as handsome as these lot. It all reminded me of classic indie band videos from the late 80s and 90s so that was the approach I took when it came to shooting it. We didn’t have a lot of budget for post so everything was done in camera – by the make up department and old camera techniques… analogue style.”

To celebrate the release Terra Twin will be playing a headline show in Londonnext week, taking to the stage at a sold out Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on 15th March – please get in touch for any press list queries

Initially starting out as a bedroom project in 2020 when vocalist Maxim Baldrywas living in New Zealand, Terra Twin came into fruition at the end of 2021 after friends and fellow musicians heard what he had been writing. Now joined by Lewis Spear (electric guitar), Joel McConkey (bass) and Alex Wadstein(drums) the quartet have played a handful of shows around the capital, showcasing their cinematic art rock offerings, and last year released single ‘I’m Coming Up (Again)’ which was praised by NME.

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