NEWS: The Paranoyds share new single ‘Lizzie’, announce second album Talk Talk Talk set for September release and confirm US dates with Jack White

The Paranoyds

The Los Angeles garage rock quartet The Paranoyds have announced their second album Talk Talk Talk set for release on 9 September via Third Man Records. In support of the album they have released their new single ‘Lizzie‘. It’s a lo-fi punk, fuzz-pop delight, poking fun at the absurdity of our world and the idea of how society will be in the not too distant future. With fuzzy guitars and honey-coated vocals ‘Lizzie‘ makes us intrigued to see how themes such as sci-fi are incorporated into the second album Talk Talk Talk.

Lexi Funston (guitar/vocals) says of ‘Lizzie‘: 
“She’s cute, she’s passionate, she’s dedicated to her art, but there’s this one thing. She’s a walking contradiction. How does she consistently act in roles, where she plays a truth-seeker, a down-to-earth, relatable woman who’s usually trying to escape some sort of oppressive event or oppressive relationship and then in real life be completely bound to a religion with foundations that are essentially a science fiction novel?

The band says of the video: 
“When we were recording ‘Lizzie’, we knew we wanted it to sound like what people in the early 80s might have thought the not-so-distant future could look like. I think we might have said something like “Terminator” and “Alien” to our Director, JJ. She was able to spin those references and create an oddfully delightful, intergalactic world, with an American Bandstand-type performance on a spaceship, which ends in our band being abducted by a “5G” goddess.”   

Director JJ Stratford says of the video: 
“I really wanted to work with The Paranoyds, because they have a Devo vibe that’s mutated into something so modern and wonderful. It’s what this world needs. There’s even a few Easter eggs in the video that point to our De-evolution”

With a bond that began in preschool, Laila Hashemi (keys/vocals) and Lexi Funston (guitar/vocals) were always inseparable, so when they met Staz Lindes (bass/vocals) in ninth grade, it felt like they had known her all along. In high school, they began making music together in a friend’s laundry room and their relationship blossomed. David Ruiz joined as drummer in 2015 and he fitted straight into the band. The Paranoyds will play a number of support slots for Jack White in the US in September.

For more information on The Paranoyds please check out their facebook and bandcamp

Their second album Talk Talk Talk will be released on 9 September on Third Man Records.

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