Premiere: Emma Kelly – Lifeboats

London singer-songwriter Emma Kelly has released the second glimpse of her forthcoming EP in the shape of a new single ‘Lifeboats’, following on from her debut single ‘Drunk’, which attracted quite some interest upon its release.

Of Lifeboats, Emma told us “The two people are polar opposites, with one of them clinging onto something that doesn’t exist. People can find themselves dreaming of things that won’t happen but are so desperate for it to become reality, they immerse themselves into the dream. I can relate to that; everyone wants dreams to become reality.”

Right from the wash of wobbly synth chords at it’s outset, Lifeboats is this gorgeous slice of smart pop music, with Emma bringing the sass and the soul to this comfort blanket of a tune, as it stutters onwards, splashes of keys and synths dancing around eachother as he hits the melodic highs.

Pfft, this is good. Check it out, here

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