Premiere: Mike Clerk reveals new video for the claustrophobic alt-rock of ‘The Air In Here’

Mike Clerk, the former frontman of The Lost Generation, is gearing up for the release of his debut solo album, ‘The Space Between My Ear’, which is out on 26th March via Wardlow Music. Ahead of it, he’s releasing a new video for the track ‘The Air In Here’, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia this morning.

A beautifully claustrophobic slice of alt-rock, Clerk delivers this vocal that sits between restless and epic, the sinewy guitars revealing their hand more and more as the track unveils. It all sits on this almost hypnotic riff that wraps itself around you and into your heart.

On the song and its video, which features Mike as himself, he told us, “Man… this one is really personal. It’s pretty much the memory of my own experience of when I was in constant complete internal meltdown. Panic attacks, sweats, waking up not knowing where I was and if I’d ever even manage to get back to sleep that night. And let me tell you, the sh*t I put my body through to end up with my mind in that place was criminal. Ultimately it helped me find a much better version of myself in the end, although I imagine there’s much more practical ways to go about that – but I wasn’t really one for getting stuck into yoga back then to be honest. I got stuck into everything else, but unfortunately no – not the yoga I’m afraid (laughs). It was filmed in my flat actually (in the middle of bloody moving back into it haha what a nightmare…) just due to limitations with the old Covid capers.l and what was going on at the time.

The concept is just being stuck with your own thoughts/company, it kind of looks like a lockdown video but that’s just a coincidence if I’m honest, didn’t want to cheapen it by going for the pandemic angle really but I suppose it’s a bit unavoidable right now. Was directed again by Sean Defrancesco, and done over the course of 1 day and night.“ 

Check it out, here

Pre-order the album, here

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