Premiere: Skep Wax announce new compilation from former Sarah Records artists – first listen to new tracks from The Luxembourg Signal and The Orchids, here

So we all know (well, I do anyway) that indie pop royalty Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, who have between them (and together) an extensive cannon behind them, including Heavenly, Marine Research, Talulah Gosh, Tender Trap – and more latterlyThe Catenary Wires and Swansea Sound, have started a label Skep wax.

We’ll out for pre-order right now (literally as of this afternoon), is a new compilation album, Under The Bridge, which brings bands and band members – who released records on acclaimed 1990s label, Sarah Records, back together. But instead of harking back, as so many compilations do, this album spotlights the wonderful new music these bands are making today (much of it exclusive to this album). 
The album includes original Sarah bands such as The Orchids, Even As We Speak, St Christopher and The Wake, alongside newer bands such as Jetstream Pony and The Catenary Wires.

To Go along with it there’s they’ve realeased a couple of tracks from The Luxembourg Signal, and The Orchids, and we have them exclusively here on Backseat Mafia today. The former, essentially members of Aberdeen and The Trembling Blue Stars, is this melancholy soaked thing of beauty, conjuring up tear soaked drives through the dark, whilst never losing all hope – after all, it’s that what kills you they say. Essentially, it’s utterly heartbreakingly brilliant,

check it out here

Scottish troubadours The Orchids always had that little bit about them, pushing the boundaries of Sarah’s brand (or at least perceived brand) of indie pop with bits of electronica here and nod towards shoegaze there, and they’re at it again the scamps, with this prod at indie dance, and bits of synth / electronics throw our way at the beginning, and the the temerity of a trumpet solo, for gods sake. Thing is, as they always did, they’ve wrapped it up in such a little gem of a tune that it’s hoodwinked you with its beauty before you’ve even realised it.

2022 could genuinely be the year of indie pop, judging by this – and it’s the old stagers that have stood up and said so. Check the track below and pre order through this website, where you’ll also find interviews with the bands taking part,

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