Say Psych: Live: Fuzz Club Eindhoven – Day Two 04.05.2024

When London based independent label Fuzz Club announced they were once again hosting a two day festival in Eindhoven, fans of psychedelia worldwide gave out a collective cheer. Flights, hotels and tickets were booked in haste, with no-one waiting to find out who would be on the bill – it goes without saying it was going to be good. With a brilliant day one down, we go into day two with haste…

Opening day two for me are American instrumental trio Verstärker who hone in on krautrock, post punk, no wave and round it off with a dose of drone. They play long, moody tracks which are a great way to ease some tired (and sore) heads into the day. Their set focuses on songs from their second LP Jenseits which was released late last year. They also include a touching tribute to a mutual friend to many, Al Wyatt, who couldn’t be at the festival due to illness. They leave the stage to all round applause and lots of nods of approval.


Next on my itinerary are Glaswegian’s Helicon, who with a newly amended line-up are a draw for many. They’re a long-established act who always put on a show, and this afternoon in no exception. With swirling synths, lashings of drone, laden doses of percussion and some enthralling riffs and a key selling point, layers of sitar, they are a heady concoction that captivates from the first note to the last. They are marred by some on stage sound issues, but they don’t let it dampen their style and the fascinated crowd lap them up. A brilliant set from a band you’d expect no less from.

Paris’ The Psychotic Monks are an interesting prospect, and somewhat different from the other bands on the billing today. They are not afraid to be different, and revel in doing so. Their style is none-categorisable, every song being of its own – and yet it works in a way you can’t quite put your finger on. The standout song of the set is without doubt the riveting ‘Post-Post’ which is delivered to an audience thirsty for more. Unfortunately, a stressful journey to the festival sees their set cut short, but in a way all that does is make fans even more determined to see them again soon.

The Psychotic Monks

Throw Down Bones are a band on a journey, one that doesn’t need rehashing, instead its better to look at where they are now. A mesmerising three piece who play experimental post punk in a way quite unlike anything you’ve seen before. They play songs that span their back catalogue including the stunning ‘Saturator’, a fan favourite and always tributed to lost member Dave Cocks, a friend we all miss. They fire through the set with an intensity that sees feet tapping, heads bobbing, bodies jumping, and everything in between. Mesmerising and intriguing, they walk away with many people thrilled to still have them on bills.

A band on many peoples ‘must see’ list, and a relevantly new proposition for most, Lisbon’s Maquina set their phasers to stun. After the recent release of their second LP, they quickly became embedded in people’s consciousness, and for good reason. Drawing from minimal krautrock repetition, pounding industrial techno and EBM, they explore the boundaries of these genres with force. It’s like a slap in the face and a breath of fresh air at the same time and live, its that times 10000. The room is full to capacity before they take the stage and remains so throughout. They enthral in a way I’ve not see from a “new” band in sometime, producing noise that’s somehow polished in pure chaos. Even a snapped string doesn’t slow them down and they produce something that without doubt marks them as the best of the weekend.


Madmadmad is a fitting name for next band. Inspired by 70s no-wave, postpunk & disco they create mutant versions of danceable, funky beats that are beyond hyperactive. Insane amounts of percussion make a wall of sound that weaves its way through the space. I’ve seen them before and I still can’t do their sound justice in words, it’s an experience that just has to be lived.

Last on my agenda, and by absolutely no means least are The Gluts. The Milanese four-piece play loud, abrasive and provocative punk with intention, attitude and somehow grace. With the release of a new album imminent (review coming soon) the excitement is around these guys right now, and with good reason. Their rapidly paced set sees a mosh pit in full swing, a crowd surfing singer and a very happy crowd, who all soak it in in their own way. The late hour suits their vibe and they stun – as always.

The Gluts

As FCE24 draws to a close it is with very tired feet and a very happy hearts people make their way to their respective hotels. A special mention should go to the DJs who have kept people moving and the visual artists who bathed everything in beautiful colours on both stages. Without a negative word to be heard, it seems Fuzz Club has done it again, all that’s left to say is thank you.

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