SEE: Satoshi Kanno – ‘Elastic’: morphing IDM with enveloping visuals

Satoshi Kanno

A MULTI-media artist based in Tokyo, Satoshi Kanno has been splicing delicate skeins of noise with with tough beats since 2013.

He’s appeared on a number of compilations, including Nenormalizm’s Various – Nenormalizm Birthday Gathering in 2015 and 樹海 Sea Of Trees; following that with a brace of EPs which you can still revel in over at his Bandcamp: the hard, pure-tech edges of 2017’s The Border EP, and the more open but deliciously alien textures of the Meta Pattern Landscape EP from the beginning of this year.

He’s teamed up with the formerly Vancouver-, now Tokyo-based ADSR Collective for the digital release of a new four-tracker, the MONOC EP – from which he’s dropped the video for the enveloping greyscale abstractions of “Elastic”, also created by Kanno. Take a watch below. It’ll wonk your brain in tandem with an airy, complex layering of fine and atmospheric techno.

Kanno says of the track, and his take on the concept of elasticity: “When you transform yourself into something, you maintain your original form and yet transform into a new form. The process is so beautiful, supple, soft and hard, that it fascinates me.

“The track ‘Elastic’ is about facing yourself and yet transforming into a new form. The ‘refrained melody’ is an anchor to support itself, while the harmonies and basslines overlaid on top of it represent a process of transformation.

“By the end of the track, the refrained melody has transformed into a new form.”

Satoshi Kanno’s MONOC EP will be released by ADSR Collective on December 10th and is available to pre-order now over at the label’s Bandcamp page.

Follow Satoshi Kanno at his on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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