See: TV Coma release new video for single ‘Congratulations’

Brighton based power-pop trio TV Coma have released a new single, Congratulations, recounting a fiery farewell with a former lover, and to go with it they’ve released an accompanying video to go with it.

Of the track TV Coma’s vocalist Leo says “It’s about the unexplored paradigms of modern relationships. As the first humans to publically document relationships, millenials were pioneers in dealing with the psychological impact of social media on modern day love. Congratulations explores the aftermath of this: how hard it is to get over someone when there’s a 24/7 feed of what they’re doing just a click away, when you see that person with another person, followed by a unique kind of acceptance.”  

With wiry guitar lines that break into pop punk stylings to match the rest, ‘Congratulations’ saunters throughout, the singalong nature of the whole thing as Leo sneers and cadjoles throughout, covered in harmonies as it is as he hits this money shot chorus. Throw in a false ending / recap in a slow tempo, and man these boys have made something that we absolutely LOVE.

Check it out, here

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