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After returning at the end of May to deliver their bold and explosive new single ‘Gold’, East London-based duo Hi Frisco now look to turn things up a notch as they deliver the brand new video for their latest release.

Filled with bright and psychedelic animations, courtesy of Alex Evans at Flower Up, the new visuals perfectly express the soaring and cacophonous energy of the original release. Cut together in a cinematic melee of colourful shapes and emotional imagery, the video perfectly accompanies the pair’s own unpredictable and vivid disposition.

Speaking about the new video, the creator Alex Evans said, “It was a pleasure to create for Hi Frisco and their song ‘Gold’. When learning of the song’s meaning I wanted to convey a visceral emotion through craft. Through frame by frame hand drawn animation coupled with collage textures I created a tangible “hand” craft, echoing the song’s core meaning. It therefore demonstrates our personal journey from A to B and the battles we face in between. The animation delves into the notion of becoming our own worst enemy – we push ourselves down, hold ourselves back, but ultimately I wanted to celebrate the trials and tribulations of Gold’s message. The regular internal battles which we endure in which our minds can become clouded with more and more clutter and distraction (suffocation by piled repeating animation) are eventually thwarted and lead to clear thought. The cohesion between our highs and lows, allows us to triumphantly reach the conclusion of our journey.”

The track itself sounds bigger than a duo should do. Big drums and cool guitar licks give this track some flavour. The cymbals crashes and stabs of distorted guitar hide the gentle piano notes which take a couple of spins to really appreciate. An addictive track which continues one from what ‘Snowfall’ and ‘The War’ started.

Check it out, here

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