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IF YOU don’t know Shane Parish and his oeuvre – and chances are, unless you’re a regular reader of Wire and the deeper corners of Pitchfork and suchlike, you possibly don’t – be prepared to have a new guitar soli-meets-postrock pin-up rock up on your block, as his new album, Liverpool, takes what might be …

We don’t get to hear quite enough of the modern fingerpicking style this side of the Atlantic, so if you’ve drifted off from the form somewhat since Jack Rose passed, or wish to explore beyond William Tyler; then hell; start right here. A grand tour of two instruments and two musical minds woven together so tightly and also unravelling like fronds of a fern, seeking all the multiplicity of new directions in folk. An excellent record

Diamonds Of A Horse Famine is a lyrically precise and freewheelin’ folk set, reviving a rediscovered notebook. Erotic Thistle contends for folk song of the year