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Glastonbury 2016

Classic Album (Glastonbury 2016 Special Pt4): Coldplay – Viva la Vida

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Classic Album (Glastonbury 2016 Special Pt2): Adele – 19

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Classic Album (Glastonbury 2016 Special Pt1): Muse – Black Holes and Revelations

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Has there been any other band that have endured such a prolonged kicking by the cool kids as Coldplay over the last decade? On one hand, they are a hugely popular, continent-straddling, stadium-filling, radio-friendly rock band with a social conscious. Millions around the globe adore their music and whatever they do in the next few …

Adele, that icon of modern popular song, seems to be quite a divisive character. While she has an undoubtedly splendid voice, she has attracted a fair amount of criticism for her writing, nowhere more so than here on her debut album. Consider this though, this debut was released when she was 19 years old right? …

Few would dispute the fact that Muse have been one of the most consistently successful British rock bands of the last twenty years. The unchanging power-trio line up has steadily mined a seem of modern rock that has seen them release a string of high-charting albums, which has seen them plastered across the front pages …