DVD Review: Beyond the Sky

Each year, tens of thousands of people claim to be the victims of alien abductions. Extra-terrestrials, for some inexplicable reason, seem to target North Americans who often have the characteristics you would closely associate with a redneck. Whilst these experiences are often very different and are perpetrated by a gamut of alien species, the one thing they have in common is the universal lack of proof. In Beyond the Sky, a reporter sets out to debunk these claims.

Chris Norton (Ryan Carnes) is a documentary film-maker and a sceptic when it comes to alien abductions. He believes what people are experiencing are false memories. This notion is driven by his father’s belief that his mother was taken on Chris’ seventh birthday. Arriving at an international UFO convention in New Mexico, he’s determined to make a film which will change public perceptions. He meets Emily (Jordan Hinson), an abductee, and becomes desperate to help her. However, not everything can simply be explained away.

Whilst it might not have a mega-budget or star names, Beyond the Sky is an intelligent and immersive science-fiction thriller. This is largely down to great acting from Carnes and Hinson, a well-written script and clever direction from Fulvio Sestito. Unlike many genre films, we actually care for this couple. Whilst it probably goes slightly too far at the end, Beyond the Sky is a highly impressive feature debut. An alien story grounded in reality.

Beyond the Sky is released on DVD and Digital by Altitude Film Entertainment on 29 April.

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